Want to win followers on Instagram? Experts List 4 Important Tips

Learn how to increase the audience on the platform without harming the organic reach; also check out something you should never do in the app

Succeeding on social networks is not something that happens overnight. To grow organically and have a loyal audience, you need to invest time, do the planning and have dedication. The good news? With a few tips, you’ll learn how to gain followers on Instagram.

According to Andre Pontual, CEO of digital media agency NoBeta, people think that gaining followers on Instagram and pumping on the platform does not require effort. Clash of Clans Private Servers .

Faced with this, the question of many people is how to increase the fan base to be able to expand the business or become known in a certain segment. Currently, the social network already has one billion active users per month around the world. This means that with the number of existing accounts, you have to think of a good strategy to stand out.

After all, how do you win followers on Instagram?

Some tricks – which you can do on a daily basis – help you attract more fans, have more tanned photos, and watch videos. All this can also contribute to raising the number of comments – and even increase the engagement of the publications and be seen by more and more people. Check out!

1. Use hashtags

They help attract the audience. “The use is very important because it is through them that people find the content. They also show the type of message you want to get across and the style of profile you want to build, “says Ponta. This makes it extremely necessary to use them in posts to increase reach.

According to Gabriel Rossi, marketing specialist, and ESPM professor, hashtags organize content and contribute to what interested people get in their posts. “You can direct the content to your specialty, remembering that in a social network, who has a very clear segment, tend to win,” he points out.

The maximum number of hashtags the platform can use is 30. If the post has more markup, the comment will not be displayed. The message that uses #, and then spaces and special characters, such as $ or%, do not work. Numbers are allowed. In addition, you should use the ones that are relevant and not the most generic ones.

You need to be careful and use those that are related to your brand and your segment. “People do not like to feel that the person is pushing himself too hard to succeed and bomb. But use is important, especially for those who are in the beginning. It’s the best way to be found, “points out Pontual.

2. Enjoy photos of other profiles

To expand your action and follow Instagram followers, you must work and show that the profile is active. One of the ways is to enjoy photos – manually – of other accounts, which may notice your tanned. “Draw by preview. She is interested in the profile name and will visit. If you like, give follow. It’s a strategy, “says the NoBeta CEO.

3. Have regularity

It’s no good if you post a day and stay a month without posting anything after, for example. “Take care of your followers. Respond promptly and sympathetically. Try to bring something new. You already have so much information that people need news, things that really attract attention, “says Rossi.

It is important to create planning to always bring interesting content to the followers. With that, doing one or two publications a day may suffice. In some cases, it is possible to do more, but with caution. The important thing, however, is to remember that posts need to be relevant. Posting just for posting is not recommended.

Either way, the best way to get to know your audience is to do tests, especially for those who are in the beginning. One way of doing this is to create a calendar of publications and, on certain days of the week, to make more posts. In others, no less. After a while, compare the results and see the engagement data.

4. Create original content

“It’s no use copying the contents of others,” warns Rossi. According to the professional, it is important to have a material that speaks about your brand and is related to your followers. “Focus on your audience’s behavior, what it consumes, and how it sees its relevant differential,” he continues. This way, you will get followers on Instagram.

And whatever to do? Buy followers


Buying followers on Instagram is the worst thing you can do in the app. Nowadays, it is possible to recognize when an account is not “original”, that is, fed by robots. In doing so, the profile harms the organic reach, since these false followers do not interact and are usually from other countries, such as India, China, and Cambodia, for example.

As we can see, to gain followers on Instagram there is no magic formula. “The social network exists for you to strengthen the relationship. Show what you are. It is easier to plan properly with a business goal with a clear, simple and easy-to-understand mark.