5 Best Bike BMX Games for Android

Who never dreamed of doing high BMX Bike maneuvers or participating in insane bicicross races, right? This is an extreme sport that can be practiced in many places and is divided into several modalities: Racing, Freestyle, Dirt Jumping, Street, Park, Vert and Flatland. In the world of video games, unfortunately, like the vast majority of extreme sports games, there aren’t many titles with well-crafted and complex gameplay. But there are some fun arcade games for the BMX-themed phones. In this list you can check out the top 5 Bike BMX games for Android, and have fun without hurt!

Touchgrind BMX

[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

Touchgrind BMX, with over 10 million downloads, is the most popular BMX game for Android. In it, you will control your BMX bike like a finger skate, doing both ground maneuvers and when jumping in the air. During the game, there are several location-based courses from around the world and bikes to unlock. The biggest differential of this title is the two-finger controls, allowing a great variety and freedom of maneuver.

King of dirt

[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

King of Dirt, with over 5 million downloads, is the second most popular BMX bike game for Android. It features high quality 3D graphics, including an immersive first-person riding vision. Gamespotnet The controls, far from perfect, give a little more freedom to maneuver. It features 10 different tracks, over 20 tricks, character customization and various bike models, including scooter and mini BMX rocker.

Pumped BMX 3

[Price: $ 7.00]

Pumped BMX 3 is the third version of the BMX game from Noodlecake Studios, the same developer as Alto’s Odyssey and Adventure. It features 3D graphics with a 2D view, offering much more Arcade gameplay. There are over 720 challenges to face, 24 tricks and 60 levels spread across many different scenarios. The game also features 15 rider options, based on real world athletes, and various customization possibilities for your bike.


[Price: Free with In-Game Purchases]

BMX FE3D 2 is a fun 3D BMX bike maneuvering game for Android. Here you can do a variety of free maneuvers, jump off ramps and obstacles, slide over handrails and much more. You can design your own maneuvering parks, as well as customize your character as well as your BMX bike. It features a number of inspiring extreme songs and 3 different game modes: Arcade, SKATE and Free Mode.

Shred! 2

[Price: $ 12]

Shred! 2 is a 3D mountain bike game for Android featuring various elements of BMX games. In the skin of Sam Pilgrim, you descend down the mountain doing staggering maneuvers in over 40 levels inspired by real locations. In addition to mountains, it is also possible to travel through urban paths full of ramps and obstacles. It’s a fast-paced game that features bike customization and advanced maneuver combinations.