7 styles of architecture that everyone should know

Are you thinking of building or renovating? Get to know the architecture options right now and learn more about this.

Starting a project requires a lot of energy and planning, especially if construction starts from scratch. Among the many choices to be made the architecture of the new residence is one of the most important steps, both for the architect responsible for the project and for the residents who will live there.

As we have already mentioned in other texts, in order for a construction or renovation to begin, Eid Mubarak Shayari download a professional must take responsibility for the work. After all, no one better than a person who has studied and has experience in the subject to speak what is best in each type of terrain.

However, it is clear that the opinion of the residents also needs to be taken into account, since each one has his own ideas and wants to give his identity to the place where he lives.

Exactly so, it’s worth researching some architectural styles and getting inspired by the building models that are up in the moment. Come on?

1. Mediterranean Architecture

This style is ideal for large families and combines well with the climate of our country. The style usually inspires architects and locals around the world, as well as welcoming, combines with classic furniture and makes the atmosphere very charming.

One of the characteristics of this style is the use of terraces on the facade of buildings, perfect for relaxing in the tropical climate in which we live.

2. Scandinavian Architecture

This type of architecture usually brings many details to the top of the building, in addition to using straighter lines. Another important point of this type of construction is the use of wood, mainly on the facade, but also used inside the residence.

With the use of wood, this style calls for a good lighting project and, if the terrain allows, a good investment in the landscaping of the residence.

3. Classical Architecture

Classical construction is more used by people who have a style that never goes out of style. The option is ideal for most land and is not called classical for any reason; this type of residence becomes perfect for small or large families in any climate or part of the country.

4. Eclectic Architecture

What if the resident is of that indecisive type and cannot decide between the architectural options that the professional presented as an option? In this case, we present the eclectic architecture, where the owner of the residence can mix some styles and in the end achieve a harmonious project.

To do this, simply remove the main features of each style and play in an original design and the best: totally unique. If you want to renovate the house in a short time or like to change, this is the best option. You can, for example, join the Scandinavian style wooden facade with the various terraces of Mediterranean architecture.

5. Tropical Architecture

Is your project a beach house? So bet on tropical architecture. The design is characterized by warm goods colors, abuse of nature items and also harmonizes with urban environments.

The idea is to abuse plants, woods, bamboo, earth, coconut palms, palm trees and, of course, a complete garden to enhance the landscaping of your home with the nature of the place.

6. Asian Architecture

The Asian style architecture bets on very clear tones. Do you know those pastel colors? So, if you want something along those lines, you already know where to invest. In addition to colors, this type of architecture usually combines straight and simple lines with lots of glass, sliding wooden doors and glass doors or walls are a prime example.

That is, your home will have incredible natural light and the use of light colors will increase the sense of spaciousness of space.good morning friends So if your land is small and your building is in a small space, you can bet on the Asian style and include lots of glass in your new home.

7. American Architecture

Who has never dreamed of those houses we’ve always seen in American movies? American architecture often abuses white facades, many columns, and terraces.

In addition, it is unusual for these homes to have high walls or are glued to other homes. American-style houses are usually in the middle of the terrain, leaving many plants and nature around.

That is, low wall and landscaping should be part of this project. If your home is in some inland city, it might work. If you are thinking of something like this in big cities, it is better to look for a condominium, where security is greater and there is no reason to fear.